Gallery entirely for glass

Photo: Jungnelius/Kosta Boda
Swedish glass in well sought after all over the world. If you are curious, why not visit The Glassery, a gallery entirely devoted to glass as art, with unique glass sculptures.  Glassexpo in Gustavsberg and Erik Höglunds glass

Orrefors beautiful everyday articles and Kosta Bodas creative glassworks are the two most wellknown Swedish glass producers. They have a great show room on  Birger Jarlsgatan 13.  Here you can find works of Åsa Jungnelius (image) and Ludvig Löfgren, two of  the young Kosta Boda tallents. their design is fresh and provocative in a whole new new way.

Postat av: Hans

Åsa är riktigt duktig. Köpte hennes vas Jackie - Kosta Boda på Den är supernajs. Se länk:

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