Industrial feeling

Photo: AG 925
Where do I go if I want to get that industrial feeling in the beautiful Stockholm? Here are sixsuggestions for eating, sightseeing and sleeping.
  • Restaurant, bar and eventvenue AG925 (Allmänna Galleriet) is a cool former printer.
  • Café Winterviken in Aspudden suburb is where Alfred Nobel did his nitro-tests
  • Restaurang Lux gourmet restaurant in former Electrolux
  • Färgfabriken former colour factory is a laboratory of the contemporary art
  • Magasin 3 former shipping warehouse is now a well renowned art hall
  • Stay at former prison Långholmen

You can also visit the ship-yards Beckholmen or Galärvarvet.  While you are in the Aspudden neigbourhood you can walk to Telefonplan, the former telephone company Ericssons premisses and check out the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design area.


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