The summer of festivals

Summer in Stockholm is amazing and its the perfect place to be for an outdoor festival. No wonder that this summer will be a music and cultural festival year. Pop and Rock festivals such as; Popaganda, Where The Action Is, Acceleratorfestivalen and Republik. The Baltic Sea Festival attracting some of the worlds best conductors to Stockholm for this classical music festival. The 25 year celebrating Stockholm Jazz Festival, The Early Music Festival and Lida Countryfestival.

The Culture Festival is an amazing festival with 600 events during 6 days, most of them free of charge. There will be street theatres, children events and performances of all kinds on the stages and the streets of Stockholm.
Stockholm are also proud hosts of the Europride festival this year. There will be two main festival areas; Pride House with debates and seminars and Pride Park with entertainment and fun, but the city will be filled with all types of events.


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