Best hotel bars

A hotel bar in Stockholm is a great way to meet the locals. Some of the hotels have made an effort to make their bars the best ones in the city. No wonder that the City daily newspaper lists their hotel bar favorites in Stockholm

1) Scandic Hotel Malmen are opening three new bars. The first one, Lilla Hotelbaren, is the first one and will offer live music performances and pop, rock and soul music. Folkungagatan 47 by SoFo on Södermalm
2) Scandic Hotel Anglais is a popular place for trendy business people on Östermalm. The 101 bar upstairs is a new great alternative. Humlegårdsgatan 23
3) Hotel Reisen on Skeppsbron in Gamla Stan with a great view over the waterfront with music and dj:s. Skeppsbron 12.
4) Cadier bar at Grand Hotel is a sober luxurious livingroom bar for coctails and drinks.  Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8.
5) Clarion Stockholm on Södermalm has two bars a typical lobby bar and the cooler Upstairs bar. Trendy design atmosphere. Ringvägen 98
6) Absolute Ice bar at Nordic Sea Hotel is a bar made of ice with cool drinks in a cool environment. Vasagatan 4.
7) Eken Bar at Hotel Hilton offers a great view over Gamla stan and the water. Gullgränd 8.
8) Lydmar Bar at Lydmar Hotel is a newly opened hotel with a homey atmosphere for the trendy person. Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2.
9) Amaranten Drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Kungsholmsgatan 31 .
10) Aqvavit bar at Clarion Sign offers great drinks and a cool atmosphere. Norra Bantorget.


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