Gingerbread house competition and Marzipan boats

The christmas spirit is finally here. Two of my favorite christmas spirit events are now taking place.

The Architecture museums Gingerbread-house competition
"Patterns" (Mönster) is the theme in this years Gingerbread house competition - professionals, amateurs and children are all competing in a challenge of making the best gingerbread house. This year Arkitekturmuseum is working together with the lifestyle store PUB. all 90 houses are on display on the third floor.

A boat with marzipan
Yes, an entire boat filled with all kinds of marzipan has landed in Nybroviken quay just in the city centre. Well this is a total must for any one with marzipan-cravings...

Creative christmasmarkets at Stockholms' designschools
Beckmans Designschool have a christmas market 12-13 december
Konstfacks Christmasmarket takes place this weekend 5-6 december


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