Like home, but out

The latest trend in Stockholms' nightlife is "the at home-feeling". The idea is to dine with the feeling of home. Bookshelves, comfy chesterfield sofas and odd lamps seems to be the concept.  Here are the three new initiatives, interpreting the theme in their own way.

The luxury restaurant F12 opened its new bar and lounge Salon named Salongen this week. A wide range bar menu and drinks is offered in a comfy trendy grandmother atmosphere. Heavy draped curtains, dark orange and dark petrol coloured walls and seats all mitched and matched. The restaurant have also had a facelift, but keeps the light green spring atmosphere.
F12 and F12 Salongen, Fredsgatan 12, City

Cloud Nine is the name of a new restaurant in an upcomming city area (Norra Bantorget). There are actually two concepts connected together. First the Restaurant Cloud Nine which offers great tasting french colonial style food, with inspiration from New Orleans as well as with african and west indies influences. Great food in the mid price segment. The idea is for people to dine at the restaurant and then eat the dessert at the Cloud Nine desserts and drinks, which is a comfy and really nice looking dessert restaurant and bar. The dessert part has a separate entrance and serves advanced desserts as well as "7 sort of cookies", which is a typical swedish farmers concept.
Cloud Nine, Lilla Bantorget/Torsgatan 1, City

Hotel Lydmars opened in october 2008 and has also got the comfy concept in their restaurant.
Hotel Lydmar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, City


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