Summer hot spots

The summer period has entered Stockholm with some favorite hot spots - and some new. Here are some places for a drink and for a view....

Josefina on Djurgården offer some 1 000 out door seats viewing the beautiful Strandvägen Esplanade and the Nybroviken bay.  They offer a "loungy" atmosphere in their comfy sofas with prominent dj:s. This is a perfect place to cool down or getting in a party mood...

Debaser Humlegården is the latest addition to Debaser music club. Humlegården city park is situated in the posh area of Östermalm by Stureplan. Former Floras Kulle in Humlegården is now runned by Debaser, a great open everyday from 11.30 to 01.00 with different dj:s every night. This is debasers latest addition. Their two other popular clubs are situated in GamlaStan/Slussen and at Medborgarplatsen.

Opera bar, Strömterassen, with a view of the Royal Palace from the roof of the Royal Opera adds glamour to the amazing view. The Strömterassen bar, Strömgatan, Operahouse, is open from 11.00-20.00 until August 14. The bar is closed between June 26-July 16.


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