Budget hotels in Stockholm

Photo: Columbus Hotel
The "Allt om Stockholm" website lists their favorite low-budget hotels and hostels in Stockholm.

Hotels in the Norrmalm-Vasastan business district

Hotel Micro - Just next to the shoppingstreet Drottninggatan. Micro is Hotel Tegnérlundens cabin rooms. Rooms for up to 4 people - shower in the hall. From 495 SEK excl breakfast.

Colonial Hotel -  hotel on Västmannagatan in the Vasastan district. breakfast is always included in the price. Single/double room 590/690 SEK (shower in the hall). Room with bathroom costs 795/995 SEK.

Queens hotel - Hotel located on the shoppingstreet Drottninggatan. Rooms are all individually decorated and breakfast included. Price approx. 1000 SEK/room.

Södermalm hotels
Columbus Hotel - Stay in the relaxed and trendy SoFo-area with pubs, restaurants, independent shops and nightlife around the corner. Single room from 995 including breakfast at this 3-star privately owned hotel.

Log Inn - Stay on a boat with a view of the City Hall on the Södermalm side. The cabins are small but cosy. Prices from 595 SEK inkl breakfast.

Tre små rum - Smallest hotel in the city with 7 rooms on the trendy Södermalm-island. Bathroom in the hallway. Rooms from 795 SEK.

Hotel Zinkensdamm - Family hotel on Södermalm next to the Tantolunden park. Hostel, bar and café in the building. Rooms cost ca 1000 SEK.


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