Grand opening of B.A.R

Went to the grand opening of a new restaurant, Blasieholmens Aquarium & Restaurant (B.A.R) yesterday. The guys behind one of the Michelin restaurants in Stockholm, Lux Stockholm, have opened a "down to earth  sea food restaurant close to Nationalmuseum and Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Top quality food to affordable prices is their concept. The environment has an industryfeel to it, almost like a foodhall, but exclusive in a simple way. The place was so crowded yesterday, which made it impossible to photograph...

The Blasieholmen (islet) has been a quiet corner of the city uptil now. Here are some other restaurants in the neighbourhood:
Mathias Dahlgren (opened 2008)
Hotel Lydmar restaurant (opened 2008)
Hotel Skeppsholmen restaurant (opened 2009)
Wedholms Fisk (exclusive fish restaurant)
Wallmans Salonger


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