Fire festival in the archipelago and at Skansen

Sothing serenity is something you will discover in the archipelago when the summer is over. For a weekend the Stockholm archipelago will be lit up by bonfires on floats, torchlight processions and fireworks - over land and sea. Its all to celebrate the cosy darker winter period, and the celebration takes place this upcomming weekend, October 17-18. Restaurants in the archipelago will serve special menus, so keep an eye out and enjoy autumn at some of the archipelago islands. More information, in swedish only at Visit Skärgården

If you cant make it this weekend, then make a mark in the calender on December 18-20 when the open air museum Skansen celebrate Midwinter solstice celebration with fire and ice as theme. There will be ice sculptors and fire artists working on the Solliden square, and performances and music composed for the occasion on the Solliden stage


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