1 000 new hotel rooms in Stockholm in 2010

In 2010 Stockholm will get over 1,000 new hotel rooms, new conference facilities and larger exhibition grounds.

  • On October 26, Hotel Skeppsholmen opens on the verdant island of Skeppsholmen, next to the Museum of Modern Art. While other hotels look abroad for inspiration, this new hotel has chosen to use all the best that Sweden has to offer. The interior of the yellow house dating from the 1700s was decorated by the Swedish design trio Claesson-Koivisto-Rune. www.hotelskeppsholmen.com/
  • Stockholm International Fairs is expanding its exhibition grounds by 10,000 m2, to 70,000 m2. The new exhibition space will open in December 2009. www.stofair.se
  • The international Marriott chain plans to open a four-star Courtyard Hotel at Kungsholmen in Stockholm in February 2010. The hotel, which looks out over Rålambshov Park and Riddarfjärden, will offer 270 large rooms and conference facilities for meetings of up to 300 people. www.stockholmcourtyard.se
  • Elite Hotel Marina Tower is situated in Saltsjöqvarn, an old mill from which there is a fantastic view of the harbor and the inner city. The hotel will have 187 rooms and plans to open in February 2010. www.elite.se/marinatower  
  • In 2010 Stockholm will get a new hotel and conference center in the downtown area. The Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, with capacity for 3,000 guests, and a Radisson Blue hotel, with 418 rooms, will be directly linked by train to the central station and will be located next to City Hall. http://www.waterfrontbuilding.se/hotell_e.html
  • In the summer of 2010, Stockholm will get a new five-star hotel. Nobis Hotel will open on Norrmalmstorg, with 200 rooms. www.nobis.se
  • Recently opened are the charming Lydmar Hotel, with its view of the Royal Palace, and Story Hotel. Story is centrally located in Stockholm’s fashionable neighborhood, but offers lower prices thanks to a new hotel concept. www.lydmar.com, www.storyhotels.com   


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