Preview at the new Marriott

The international Marriott chain will open a Courtyard hotel in Stockholm, on Kungsholmen five minutes walk from the City Hall. Me and my colleagues went for a preview. Lots of day light, spacious rooms and a well planned logistics were some of my first impressions. Im looking forward to the opening in the end of February 2010!

It will be a four star hotel for both business and leisure travellers with easy access by car or metro. All 229 deluxe rooms, 40 premium rooms and the topfloor suite will be facing either the Rålambshov park and lake Mälaren or the new Lindhagens park. The rooms are spacious (min 26 sqm) and half of them will be connecting rooms, which makes them flexible.

The hotel will also feature a family restaurant "Björk bar & Grill" facing Rålambshovsparken with room for 160 guests a bar plus meeting facilities. The meeting area will be located in an open area on the first floor. The Grand Ballroom for 200-370 people offers day light, and so does the 12 meeting rooms etcetera. 

The hotel is situated at the end of Norr Mälarstrand with a great view of Lake Mälaren.


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