Sucessfull event weekend in Stockholm

Photo: Micke Sanström/Sonisphere Sthlm

What a weekend! What an August! Stockholm has been burstling with events in every corner of the city this weekend and all the hotels have been fully booked.

Photo: Roland Thunholm/Equestrian Games
Equestrian Games took place at Ryttarstadion in Stockholm during four days, 5-8 of August..

Sprinter rivals Usain Bolt, Asafa Powel and Tyson Gay participated in the large sporting event Diamond League DN Galan (one of the main sporting events) August 6th. Photo: Universal Sports.

Sonisphere Festival heavy metal music festival attracted thousands to Stora Skuggan in the Royal National City Park.

Spelmansfestivalen at the open-air museum Skansen attracted some thousand folk music fans to Stockholm

...And the festivities will continue this week and next with the Culture Festival, Ung 08 and Fashion week.

Postat av: Anonym

it would be much better if you post the events and news BEFORE they have happened, not after

2010-08-09 @ 17:45:33
Postat av: Stockholmtownblog

Sorry to disapoint you. But I thought it could be interesting to write about this afterwords and suggest some of the upcomming events as well, like the Culture festival, fashion week and Ung 08 festival

2010-08-10 @ 10:55:11

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