Circus theme at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Young rising star Jens Fager is responsible for designing Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair’s hall for independent designers and design schools, this year. The fair will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2011! To mark the occasion, there will be an anniversary exhibition in the entrance hall.

Jens’ inspiration for the colourful Greenhouse exhibition backdrop comes from the world of the circus. “The setting is based on the visual aspect of the circus world with its strong, graphic coloured fields, humour, naivety and a touch of craziness. But the important thing about this exhibition is for all the designers to have the same scope to express their own visions – the focus is always on the exhibitors. They are the ones responsible for the entertainment,” says Jens.

Stockholm Furniture Fair takes place 8-12 February 2011

Northern Light Fair takes place 8-12 February 2011


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