Wedding exhibitions at Skansen

Bild: Brudklädd Caroline Söderquist Foto: Marianne Loor
Spring, being in love and a summer of a Royal Wedding - No wonder that one of the top attractions in Stockholm - the openair museum Skansen will focus on a wedding theme.

March 27-28 - A wedding fair will take place at restaurant Solliden with exhibitors offering ideas for clothes, jewllery, presents, decoration etcetera. An exhibition of wedding clothes from all times will be shown as well.

June 5-20 - In connection with the Love Stockholm event Skansen will feature an event about "proposal games" and wedding gifts. Skansen will also offer a drop in wedding on June 12. 

September 4-5 - During two days you can take part in a traditional farmers wedding. In the preparation, wedding dresses and ceremony. (image above)

Skansenbutiken - The skansen shop is a great place to buy a gift - even wedding gifts.   


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