La Clique to Stockholm Culture Festival

Bizarre and Beautiful ... amazing burlesque and unmissable" writes the Sunday Express Olivier Awards in 2009 about La Clique.

La Clique is this year's guest appearances at Stockholm Culture Festival with premiere on the first festival day. The show has toured worldwide and played in sold-out houses with a unique genre - music hall, cabaret and burlesque in one. The Swedish illusionist Carl-Einar Häckner is one of the performers.

The Culture Festival in Stockholm takes place 10-15 August this year. More than 500 shows performed by 250 artists from all over the globe will be crammed into six days. There will be free admission to 99% of the program. Since its launch in 2006 the festival has quickly become a regular event and a great success among both Stockholm residents and visitors. The Stockholm Culture Festival attracts 300 000 visitors every year.

They will perform in Stockholm August 10-15 during the Culture Festival and then later; September 10-19. Don't miss out. Buy your tickets here


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