Stockholm - a top investment destination

Stockholm takes a big leap to the top in renowned ranking list European Cities & Regions of the Future 2010/2011, by FDI Magazine and Financial Times. Now Stockholm in total is the 4th best European city for foreign direct investments.

Stockholm takes 4th place after London, Paris and Moscow. That means climbing 21 positions since last ranking 2008/2009. The evaluation is based in a number of criteria within areas Quality of life, Infrastructure, Business friendliness and FDI promotion strategy. 
“Stockholm is playing in the highest division. Our focus on knowledge-intense sectors such as ICT, life science and financial services is what investors are demanding. This is an acknowledgment of the international competitiveness of our businesses, the investment climate and our joint ability to promote the region’s competitive advantages.” said Mr Sten Nordin, Mayor of Stockholm.
Top 10 European cities & regions of the future
1. London
2. Paris
3. Moskva
4. Stockholm
5. Barcelona
6. Dublin
7. Vienna
8. Frankfurt
9. Bryssel
10. Edinburgh

More about the report here »


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