Radisson Blue Strand Hotel

As pr-manager Im always looking for news, but sometimes its great to re-visit old friends as well. Radisson Blue Strand Hotel, invited us to a hotel tour and lunch. Strand is one of the five star hotels in Stockholm. The hotel is situated superbly close to everything in Stockholm! The archipelago boats are virtually by the front doors, the best city shopping just a two minute walk, Old town just 5 minutes away and the island of Djurgården with many of the main attractions a nice walk along the Strandvägen boulevard.

The restaurant is really great with one of the best views in the city and they are also well known for their fantastic brunch. 

Their Tower suite has its own terrace with a view of the Royal Palace and is really one of a kind.

Tower Suite with view of the Nordic Museum, Vasamuseum and Skansen, all on Djurgården

Picture this terrace with a view of the Royal Palace in the summer...

Tower Suite


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