Dinner with a genuine Nobel atmosphere

The award ceremony of The Nobel Prize takes place on December 10. But you can get a feeling of Nobel anytime. In beautiful Vinterviken Bay, only 15 minutes with bus from the City terminal you will find the former factory of Mr Nobel Prize, Alfred Nobel from 1891.

Now ”Winterviken” is owned and run by Markus and Erika Aujalay and offers possibilities for all kinds of events and parties. Why not have your own Nobel dinner here on the Nobel Prize day December 10. Markus Aujalay is one of Sweden's most reputed chefs. He has worked at the most exquisite restaurants both abroad and in Sweden and won most titles there are to be won in Sweden

In this incredible building there are neither crystal chandeliers nor velvet chairs, instead our ceiling is adorned by wooden beams, brick inner and outer walls and wooden floors. The main hall has dining capacity for up to 400 guests. Utilizing the remainder of the house another couple of hundred can be served. Additionally there are several rooms suited for smaller parties.

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