12 trendy hotel bars in Stockholm

Photo: SVB/Nico Södling
Coctails in a hotel bar is not only for visitors. Its become quite trendy for Stockholmers to enjoy the hotel bars as well. Dagens Nyheter lists their favorite hotel bars in Stockholm - from calm relaxation rooms to office atmosphere and, from loud after work to trendy clubs. Here are Dagens Nyheters selection of 12 Hotel bars:

Hotel Rival - attractive water hole for trendy crowd.
Mariatorget 3, Södermalm

Cadier bar -  the most elegant hotel bar
Grand Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen

First Reisen Hotel - Mixed age group, relaxed but with competent coctail makers
Skeppsbron 12, Gamla Stan (Old town)

Story Hotel -  Designconcept with a industrial twist in exclusive area
Riddargatan, Östermalm

Lydmar Hotel - Enter the home of Mr Lydmar, relaxed chic.
Södra Blasieholmshamnen

Scandic Hotel Malmen - SoFo feeling and live music almost everyday.
Götgatan 49, Södermalm

Scandic Hotel Anglais - The bar that started the trend. Still cool.
Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stureplan, Östermalm

Berns Hotel bar - Large and exclusive environment, with affordable prices.
Näckströmsgatan 8, Berzelii Park

Radisson Blu Strand Hotel - Calm enviroment with a water view
Nybrokajen 9

Diplomat Hotel - Classic elegance, calm jazz and stylish wine list.
Strandvägen 7 C

Nobis Hotel - Rookie of the year is maybee the upcoming golden bar at the new hotel (opens Dec 1)
Norrmalmstorg 2


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