"Oaxen" moves to the city of Stockholm

Oaxen Krog
is one of Swedens best restaurants, recognized all over the world. The restaurant is situated on an island on one of the 30 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

Magnus Ek and Agneta Green has now decided on a new location for their new gourmet restaurant - The warf area (Djurgårdsvarvet) on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm, just behind Gröna Lund. The restaurant will consist of a fine dining restaurant with around 40 seats and a more casual restaurant of 60 seats.

The new restaurant has no name yet, but will open in spring of 2012. The Oaxen Krog will close in the autumn of 2011.

Magnus Ek and Agneta Green has owned Oaxen Krog on Hölö south of Södertälje in 17 years and has been recognized in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" and repeatedly been named the best restaurant in the Swedish restaurant guide White Guide


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