Two new Scandic hotels in Stockholm

The sustainable scandinavian hotel chain, Scandic Hotel, are opening two new hotels this year; Scandic Grand Central just next to the central station on Vasagatan in Stockholm and Scandic Victoria Tower in Kista Science City next to Kista Fair. 

I met with Scandics PR manager this morning for breakfast and heard all about the two new projects. And they are both very interesting I think, and will be a good addition to the city. The general idea with Grand Central hotel is to make it look as it has always been there by combining old and new and inviting the general public to be a part of the hotel in different ways. They have done this successfully before with Scandic Anglais and Scandic Malmen, so Im really looking forward telling you more. The Victoria Tower is a different story. The hotel is designed by Gert Wingårdh Architect and will be some thirty floors high and look like a big glass diamond and also furnished contemporary and yet cosy. Both hotels are opening in the autumn of 2011! 

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