New York Times on delicious Stockholm cafees

"Swedes are among the world’s most keen and discerning coffee drinkers. They also have a sweet tooth. One of the first Swedish words any new visitor learns is fika, which means a coffee break, usually enjoyed with a little cake or pastry", writes Stephen Whitlock in NY Times and lists his favorite cafees in Stockholm. Here are his favorite places for a delicious dessert in Stockholm:

Cupcake Sthlm, Sankt Eriksgatan 83, Vasastan
Xoko, Rörstrandsgatan 15, Vasastan
Petite France, John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen

POCK - Per Olsson Choklad & Konditori, Heleneborgsgatan 19, Södermalm 

Saturnus, Eriksbergsgatan 6, Östermalm
Riddarbageriet, Riddargatan 15, Östermalm


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