Washington Post loves music clubs in Stockholm

"When the sun goes down in Stockholm, the music heats up thanks to a collection of intimate venues and a hip fan base dedicated to pop music appreciation" says the Washington Post in a cool article on Stockholm nightlife.

"But this is Stockholm, a global beehive of 21st-century pop, where Swedes treat their music with the reverence it deserves. In recent years, Scandinavia's largest country has churned out some of the most finely crafted, detail-oriented pop on the planet, produced by artists such as Stockholm sensations Lykke Li and the Knife.... When I visit the land responsible for all these fantastic sounds, it makes perfect sense. In Stockholm, the nightclubs are clean and intimate, the sound systems are loud and lush, the DJs are encyclopedic, and the bands can be brilliant"

Read all about the Stockholm music scene at Washington Post

All the places mentioned in the article:
Hornstull Strand, Södermalm
Nada, Södermalm
Indigo, Södermalm
Petsounds record store on Skånegatan, Södermalm
Södra Teatern, Södermalm
Snotty, Södermalm
Debaser Slussen, Södermalm
Scandic Hotel Malmen, södermalm
Louie Louie,Södermalm
Berns Salonger, Östermalm/City
Riche, Östermalm/City

Even more on nightlife in Stockholm

Photo: Washington post at Strand in Stockholm

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