Stockholms largest hotels

With the new large hotels in Stockholm the hotel map and the competition between the hotels will be sharpened. This is the top ten list of large hotels in Stockholm

  1. Clarion Hotel Sign (Choice Hotels) with 578 rooms opens February 2008
  2. Nordic Hotels (Nordic Sea and Nordic Light) with 542 rooms
  3. Clarion Hotel Skanstull (Choice Hotels) with 532 rooms
  4. Sheraton Stockholm (Starwood) with 462 rooms
  5. Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel (Rezidor) with 459 rooms
  6. First Hotel Amaranten (First Hotels) with 423 rooms
  7. Park Inn Postterminalen (Rezidor) 420 rooms opens 2010
  8. Scandic Sergel Plaza (EQT) with 403 rooms
  9. Grand Hôtel Stockholm (Grand Group) with 376 rooms
  10. Scandic Malmen (EQT) with 327 rooms


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