Best vintage shopping in the City


Photo: ICity, Skatboet
Where are the best vintage shops in Stockholm? Judiths second hand on Södermalm is the most wellknowned one and a shop most Stockholmers find their way to. But what other alternatives do Stockholm have. Im not much of a vintage shopper so here are ICITYMagazines favorites:
Herr Judit, Hornsgatan 75, Södermalm (Vintage clothes and accesoirs for men)
Le Shop vintage, PUB 03, Hötorget, City (Hand picked vintage clothes from 70's and 80's and fashion classics from Dior, Lacroix etc)
Mint & Vintage, Sankt Eriksgatan 48, Vasastan - first yard building on right hand. (Girly, flirty, ruff and rocky vintage and swedish)
Skatboet, Katarina bangata 28, Södermalm. (goth and new romantic style)
Niniette, Nybrogatan 63, Östermalm (Luxury secondhand)


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