Cosy atmosphere in Rörstrandsgatan area



Photo: Plezuro och Xoko
Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan is one of the cosier streets for small boutiqueshopping in the city. The street is packed with people in all the outdoor restaurants, bars and cafees during warm summer evenings and during winter time its charming and cosy. Here are some of my favorites on Rörstrandsgatan, Norrbackagatan etcetera.

Fifty Fifty, Rörstrandsg 11, 16 - Antiquities and second hand furniture and things from the 50s and 60s.
Kamari, Rörstrandsg 6 - Fun and nice jewellery and interior design things. Perfect gifts for yourself or a friend.
Plagg, Rörstrandsg 8 - Classic trendy every day wear for men and women. Swedish labels as well.
Standard Stockholm, Rörstrandsg 24, Fun trendy every day wear for men and women. Many swedish labels.
Carin Wester, Rörstrandsg 40 - Flag ship store of one of Swedens international well renowned designers
Camilla Norrback, Norrbackagatan 60 - Flag ship store of one of Swedens internationally well renowned designers.
Ladies & gentlemen / Pimpinette, norrbackagatan 36 - Newly opened flagship store for the two Swedish brands.
LoLodi, Rörstrandsg 30, Flowers and inspiration for the small balcony garden.
Plezuro, Rörstrandsgatan 28 - clothes, accessories, shoes, inspiring books, contemporary art and music.

Cafées and Restaurants
Mellqvists, Rörstrandsg 4 - One of the best places for a cofee in the city.
Xoko, Rörstrandsg - Desserts, chocholate and sandwiches to bring home or eat on the spot. This is just the best place...
Systrarna Lundberg, Rörstrandsgatan 12 - Popular price worthy place with plain food.
Paus, Rörstrandsg 18- Great local restaurant and bar.
Bagel Street Café, St Eriksg 80 - Great bagels
Stockholms Glasshus, Birkag 8, I scream for Icecream! All sorts you can imagine

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Good photos

2008-05-12 @ 07:08:16

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