New design shops on Östermalm

Three new interior design shops and one new building conservation shop have opened just recently.

Garbo interiors (image above), who did the interior at Hotel Stureplan, have opened a new interior design shop at Brahegatan 21 on Östermalm. With the Gustavian Style as foundation their new shop displays a modern and shabby chic style suited for the city.

Gertrude, former owners of NK bed and bath, have moved to new premisses on Smålandsgatan 2, Norrmalmstorg in the city selling exclusive bed and bathroom linnen from Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Designers Guild etcetera.

La Murrina, Birger Jarlsgatan 2, is their first shop in Sweden. Among other things Murina sells Murano glass.

Gysinge is a well renowned building conservation store, south of Gävle, have now opened a shop in Stockholm, Storgatan 31 Östermalm. The conservation shop is situated in the city manor Oxenstiernska Malmgården. (image below)

Postat av: SweGizmo

Gillar din Blogg. :P

2010-08-19 @ 22:37:18

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